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Hurricane Irma and the Four Lessons I Learned About Marriage

There are many lessons to learn from hurricanes. In recent years I have thought a lot about hurricanes and their massive destruction and have equated them to marriage regarding what we should and should not do. Last year we had Hurricane Matthew hit Florida. I had time to ponder these ideas then. This week we had Hurricane Irma. I have had lots of time to revisit the same thoughts. In case you don’t know, the name Irma comes from Latin, and it means exalted. Exalted she was at 80 miles wide and set the record for the biggest storm in size and intensity in US history. Imra, the male version of the name Irma means stubborn.

There is no doubt that hurricanes are scary. Hurricane Irma this past week caused 6.3 million people to be ordered to evacuate from Florida. Many left their homes and headed west or north to find safety. I headed to a shelter with my son and younger brother while my parents left with my younger sister who has special needs to Orlando. Continue reading