Thirty-One Reflections On Domestic Abuse Part 2 Every year in October, I write thirty-one reflections on abuse to commemorate Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Abuse has become commonplace in society. Young people get involved in toxic relationships and think it is normal to be abused since they never observed a healthy
There is a misconception that domestic abuse is mainly physical. Research has shown that some of the most devastating forms of abuse are not necessarily physical. According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, domestic violence is the willful intimidation, physical or sexual assault, or OTHER abusive behavior as part

What Is A Life Coach?

Life coaches work with people one on one or in groups to help them make successful changes in their lives. Typically, the client has a goal they want to achieve and the life coach uses specific skills and strategies to help them achieve it. The coaching process focuses on specific
There are many lessons to learn from hurricanes. In recent years I have thought a lot about hurricanes and their massive destruction and have equated them to marriage regarding what we should and should not do. Last year we had Hurricane Matthew hit Florida. I had time to ponder these